~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~VOLPINOS R US~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Make no mistake these are White, Red and Black, "Volpino Italiano's", recognized and Registered by the FCI since 1903. Registered with the ENCI in Italy and UKC in America & Canada in 2006 and 15 different countries. Volpino's are a breed that dates back to ancient times 350BC. AKC does not recognize Volpino's because they are so rare in America.

Eski's are known to have Toys and Mini's, they originally came from "Italy" the old Italian breeders will tell you that Americans bought Volpino's in Italy then brought them to America and changed the pedigree and name to American Eskimo, giving them Eskimo type names, AKC and UKC need to recognize this. Your original Eski breeders were not truth full when they said they were the runts. Most have not DNA tested for genetic disorders, Responsible Volpino owners do DNA Testing. Volpino owners will have Certified documents if they were tested by OFFA.org and many names will be posted on the OFFA.org website.

When they said they were runts they were not, they were actually Volpino's at one time.
In the meantime Eski breeders mixed the Toys and Mini's with the Standard Eski so for the last 20 years, they created their own American Eskimo breed using Volpino's, German Spitz and Samoyd's.

If you want to be sure you have an original Volpino, look at the registration pedigree, you will see generations of Italian names from Italy on it and they will have Certified proof of DnA testing for PLL, "Primary Lens Lxation".

Never buy a Volpino without Registered Pedigree with a history of Italian names and Certified DNA testing or you will be buying an Eski.

BEWARE!!! There are Fake Volpino Breeders In America, they post on puppy for sale websites but have no web-site of their own, you cannot contact them direct, and you will never be able to go to their house to pick up. Those are Red Flags to look for. ~